Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s Hands-on review
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SD 845 meets great cameras

Not that long ago, China-based phonemanufacturers were considered being copycats of the well-established phone companies, mainly from California. A lot of things have changed over the last few years. 

Hedy Lamarr, the mother of wi-fi, dissed by film industry
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It was only towards the end of her life that film star Hedy Lamarr was acknowledged as being the co-inventor of technology that underlies technologies including GPS, wi-fi and Bluetooth.

FLIR One PRO turns up the heat
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Quick review: Check out your central heating dot com

Thermal imaging was beyond the pockets of most people not so long ago, but it's becoming more affordable and here we review a device which plugs into the USB Type C socket or a Micro USB socket on your smartphone or tablet and is driven by a downloadable Android or iPhone app.

Noon Home Smart Lighting reviewed
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Good home automation

In  late October, Noon Home launched its first product designed which it reckons will improve your "overall home lighting experience". The Noon Home Smart Lighting System integrates existing light fixtures and bulbs into a professional multi-layered "experience". I have worked with a number of different smart lighting systems during the last two years in hopes of finding the perfect fit for my own home.

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Golem is a tale about tech

You might be wondering why there's a review about a play in the pages of Fudzilla, but this is a story worth pursuing because it's got a message for all of us involved in the tech industry.