Telecoms companies want a standardised testing regime
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To stop company exclusions

The telecoms industry has called on European governments to join mobile operators in establishing a testing regime to protect network security without having to resort to the disruptive step of excluding vendors from the market.

Samsung expanding at Huawei’s expense
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Targeting telecom networking

Samsung Electronics is throwing money at its telecom network equipment business, to take advantage of Huawei’s security woes.

Huawei happy to work under EU supervision
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No-one has a real excuse

Huawei has said it is willing for its equipment and activities to be supervised by the European Union (EU) as it continues to fend off the threat of restrictions on the use of its kit in 5G networks.

German government wants Huawei 5G
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Still the cheapest option

The German government wants to avoid excluding products offered by China’s Huawei Technologies in the build-out of the 5G network in Germany.

Huawei security issues will take five years to fix
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Will spend 1.5 billion pounds to keep the Brits happy

The Chinese technology giant Huawei has said security problems raised in a government report could take between three and five years to fix.