Qualcomm still going to make datacentre chips
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Kills rumours

Qualcomm has no plans to abandon its efforts to create processors for data centres, despite rumours that it is giving up on the idea.

IBM expands its cloud capabilities
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New availability zones

Big Blue has announced that it is expanding its cloud capabilities with plans to launch 18 new availability zones across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Chinese President Xi Jinping dubs blockchain 'breakthrough'
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China needs to focus on this sort of thing

It seems that Blockchain has found a fanboy in the form of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Agressive Oracle hacking off customers
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Trying to start a Krays 

Oracle customers are getting upset with the company’s aggressive sales tactics as it tries to catch up to Amazon in the cloud market

Alibaba gets Xilinx FPGA for its F3 cloud
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Faster deep learning and IO

Back in October 2017 Alibaba, a $502,179 billion company announced that it had chosen Xilinx for next generation FPGA acceleration in their public cloud.