AMD brags it has the most stable graphics drivers
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Tested independently by QA Consultants

AMD has sent out press notes bragging about how its graphics drivers are the most stable in the industry. The test was commisioned by AMD and done by QA Consultants, and took a total of six AMD and six Nvidia most popular consumer and professional graphics cards and ran it under some rigorous testing.

Intel updates its Graphics driver to version
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Brings fixes and improvements for several games

While you might not get a high FPS on extreme resolutions, Intel's iGPUs still hold a high percentage on Steam hardware survey, so there are plenty of users playing games on it, therefore it is good to see that Intel has started to more actively update its graphics drivers and bring support and bug fixes, including the latest Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 10 version

AMD releases Radeon Software 18.7.1 driver
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Performance improvements in Earthfall game

AMD has released its latest game-ready Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.7.1 driver which brings performance improvements in the new Earthfall game as well as fixes some issues.

VR adoption depends on the porn industry
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Add VR to a long list of technology which depended on the porn industry

The much touted VR industry has been slow in coming and any wide scale adoption has been thanks to the porn industry taking a missionary position for the tech. 

Nvidia starts sending invites for Gamescom 2018
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Date still not carved in stone

According to the latest rumor, Nvidia has started to send out invites for an event that will take place at the Gamescom show in August, and while no date, Geforce or any other hardware was mentioned, this will be the most likely place that Nvidia will launch its new graphics card.