Nvidia releases new Geforce 397.31 Game Ready WHQL driver
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Has installation problems on some GTX 1060 graphics cards

Nvidia has released its newest Geforce 397.31 Game Ready WHQL driver, which brought some new features, bug fixes, and game-oriented optimizations, but also some issues on certain systems.

Powercolor RX Vega Nano comes next month
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Should come with a revised cooler

The prototype Powercolor RX Vega Nano graphics card  spotted at the AMD Munich event is real and should be announced and available by the end of next month.

AMD looking for a legal fight with Nvidia
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Who did not see that happening?

AMD is gathering evidence that Nvidia's partner programme is part of a clever game of monopoly designed to force suppliers to land on Park Lane and Mayfair.

AMD hits back at Nvidia's partner programme
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Handbags at dawn

AMD has been firing off some salvos at Nvidia's Partner Programme which appears designed to force suppliers to only sell its products.

Nvidia-Intel licensing was really just a payment
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Settlement wrapped in a paper

Last year Nvidia stopped getting so called licensing money from Intel. After five years the financial injection was  delivered in total. This all came after the Intel and Nvidia conflict that started over chipsets, but essentially was a settlement that ended up being called licensing. It never was GPU licensing.