Nvidia says fix for Battlefield V DXR performance is coming
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With a new driver and upcoming Battlefield V update

Nvidia has promised a fix for Battlefield V's raytracing performance with the next game update and Nvidia's driver, promising up to a 50 percent boost.

Bethesda says sorry for rubbish gifts
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Bait and switch

As if Fallout 76 could not have worse publicity, Bethesda has had to apologise for the gift bag which was supposed to come with the $200 Power Armor edition of the game.

Disk Free Xbox out in spring
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Rumours suggest

Microsoft is planning to release a disk free version of the Xbox One as early as next spring.

Trumpsters create game to kill minorities
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While defending Trump

A new computer game that allows you to slaughter gay men, Jews, minorities and journalists while protecting Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump is out..

Sony celebrates Playstation 4 5th anniversary
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New COD: Black Ops 4 bundle and some stats so far

Sony is celebrating the fifth birthday of the Playstation 4 and has both announced a  new bundle and revealed some numbers regarding the aging console.