Trump wants to ban violent computer games and films
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Will still give automatic weapons to mentally ill kids though

Strapped for an idea of stopping kids shooting up schools that do not involve some gun control, President Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump is thinking of tougher censorship rules on violent movies and computer games.

Intel's graphic drivers will adjust your game settings
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Works on Skylake or newer chips

Intel is introducing a new feature for its processors with integrated graphics, allowing games to be automatically optimised on systems.

Mario Kart arriving on mobiles real soon now
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Mario is driving onto your mobile drivers

Now that Nintendo has already released hits such as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Super Mario Run on both iOS and Android, it's choosen to bring its signature death race to the market. Nintendo haa teased the next instalment of its mobile market takeover: Mario Kart Tour.

Ubisoft reveals Far Cry 5 system requirements
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You'll need GTX 1080 SLI for 4K at 60FPS

Ubisoft has now released official PC system requirements for its upcoming Far Cry 5 game which is scheduled to launch on March 27th on PCs and consoles.

Minecraft boss takes over Microsoft Studios
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Matt Booty looks to improve Volish outlook

Microsoft has promoted the brains behind Minecraft's success to be the head of the company’s games studios.