VW to build electric car plant in US
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Investing $800 million

Adolf Hitler's favourite car company, Volkswagen, will spend $800 million to expand a US factory that will produce the automaker's next generation of electric vehicles.

World's longest aircraft goes into full production
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Part plane part airship dubbed the flying bum

The world's longest aircraft, which is part airplane and part airship is set to go into full production with the model designed to take its first passengers.

Nvidia announces Drive AutoPilot platform
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Claims it will take things to the next level

The GPU maker named after a Roman vengence demon, Nvidia, announced its Drive AutoPilot platform, with artificial intelligence technologies, that it claims will enable the next level of self-driving cars by 2020.

Tesla 3 in Europe starts at €59,280
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Deliveries in March

Tesla 3's alleged $35.000 car is available for left hand drivingin  Europe and in Austria it starts at €59,280 or almost double the Elon’s distortion reality promised price.

Samsung shows off  Exynos-branded Auto V9 processor
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For the car industry

Samsung has announced Exynos Auto V9, its first auto-branded processor in a push into the in-car infotainment space.