ThoughtRiver developing AI based CV analysis
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Working alongside Professor Ted Briscoe computational linguistics expert

ThoughtRiver, the Cambridge-based leader in contract pre-screening technology, today announced that it has been awarded funding from Innovate UK for a £400,000 development project working alongside Professor Ted Briscoe, a well-known computational linguistics expert at Cambridge University.

Google’s DeepMind creates a game learning system
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AlphaZero upgrades

Google's AI supreme intelligence DeepMind has created a system that can quickly master any game including chess, Go, and Shogi, and do so without human guidance.

Snapdragon is twice the AI speed of its 7nm Android competitor
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Senior director Gary Brotman dilates on future of AI

Snapdragon 855 has a joker card that brings it significantly ahead of the competition of all 7nm players in the Android market. Gary Brotman, a senior director of product management focused on AI, dropped a bomb on the competition confirming that the 4th generation AI platform from Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 is twice times faster than its 7nm Android based competitor.

Amazon flogging data mining software
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Will snuffle up patent medical records

Amazon is starting to sell software to mine patient medical records for information that doctors and hospitals could use to improve treatment and cut costs.

Nvidia stock dropped for the wrong reason
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Analysis: Crypto drop was inevitable

Crypto currencies are rather volatile and most people reading this are very well aware of that. The fact that it could cause Nvidia stock to drop by more than 30 percent is ridiculous as obviously, the finance community didn’t do its homework well. Long term betters on Nvidia should bet on two things, AI and Automotive, backed up by strong and stable gaming.