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Apple feature crashes phone with a single button

by on16 February 2018

Comedy programming strikes again

The fruity cargo cult Apple’s comedy programming team have come up with a super, cool, well designed, bug which crashes your phone, iwatch, iPad or apple television by pressing a single letter.

All you have to do is portray a particular letter from the south Indian language Telegu and your apps will crash.

If the symbol shows up in a notification, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and TVs and even some desktops can go into a bootloop, endlessly restarting without booting up.

The glitch was first reported by the Italian website Mobile World. Apple has said the problem has been solved in some beta versions of its operating systems and the fix will be rolled out across its suite of products as soon as possible.

Just as well. Telegu is only spoken by 80 million people around the world and originates in south India where most people can’t afford an iPhone.  Of course there are those who might send the letter in an email to Apple fanboys for a laugh.  We would not recommend that at all. No, that would be very, very mean.

Anyone sent a message including the letter has been advised to delete the entire thread. Phones or other devices that crash and go into a bootloop may need to be wiped and restored.

A similar bug in 2015 led Apple products to crash in response to certain letters in Arabic, Marathi and other languages.


Last modified on 16 February 2018
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