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France angry over tech giant taxing
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Stop talking and make them pay up

The French government is getting its baguettes in a knot over delays in getting the US tech giants to start paying tax.

ARM CEO sees the fifth wave of computing
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5G, big data and processing

Simon Seagers, ARM’s CEO talked about the 5th wave of computing and that is obviously the one that is coming after the last big leap that brought us closer to mobile and cloud mix.

Global growth of internet access slows
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Digital divide deepens

The growth of internet access around the world has slowed dramatically, according to new data.

Facebook investors want Mark Zuckerberg's head
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To hang in their garden for the crows to peck

Public fund investors want Mark Zuckerberg out as chairman of Facebook.

iPhone’s new kids censorship tool blocks sex education
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But allows terrorism and racism

Apple’s new iPhone parental controls have taken the pulse of Trump’s America and are blocking sex education sites while allowing kids to search racist, terrorism and violent sites.