AMD has 7nm Radeon Instinct running in its lab
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Made at TSMC

During its Q1 2018 financial conference call yesterday, AMD's CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, confirmed that 7nm is on track and that 7nm Radeon Instinct is running in their labs.

Qualcomm generated $5.3 billion revenue in Q2 18
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To improve performance in fiscal 2019

Qualcomm has released its financial results for the second quarter of  2018 and the company generated $5.3 billion, a five percent year over year positive change.

Nvidia releases new Geforce 397.31 Game Ready WHQL driver
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Has installation problems on some GTX 1060 graphics cards

Nvidia has released its newest Geforce 397.31 Game Ready WHQL driver, which brought some new features, bug fixes, and game-oriented optimizations, but also some issues on certain systems.

US trying to do a ZTE on Huawai
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Trying to prove it did deals with Iran

It is starting to look like the US government is planning to dump a similar embargo on Chinese tech company Huawei to that which could severely damage ZTE.

Europol shuts largest DDoS outfit
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Popular site

Europol officials have shut down WebStresser where users could register and launch DDoS attacks after paying for a monthly plan which started from 15 euro.

Microsoft's new XBox One update is out
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1440p support for the Xbox One S and X and FreeSync support

Software king of the world Microsoft is rolling out a new Xbox One update that brings 1440p support for the Xbox One S and X, as well as support for AMD's FreeSync tech.

AMD results show marked improvement
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Shut your mouth Intel and look at my wad!  

AMD has surprised Wall Street and Intel fanboys by reporting better than expected first quarter results.

Drupal  hit by another wave of bugs
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Second time in a month

Developers of popular open source CMS Drupal are warning admins to immediately patch a flaw that an attacker can exploit just by visiting a vulnerable site.

Apple man in Tesla's self-driving car seat
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Pete Bannon takes Keller's driving wheel

Now that Jim Keller left Tesla for Intel, the new chap in control of Tesla's self-driving car is former PA Semi and Apple apostate Pete Bannon.

Loot boxes might be illegal gambling
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Not the first time FIFA is involved in illegal activity, now the game is in trouble

The country which invented French Fries and the art of being a gateway for German invaders looking for more interesting places, Belgium, has decided that loot boxes in computer games such as FIFA 18 are illegal gambling.