Russian outfit claims to be legit news outlet
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We are not Putin's mouthpiece, and we want its Facebook account back

A Russian company whose accountant was charged by federal prosecutors for attempting to meddle in US elections has sued Facebook claiming it is a legitimate news outlet and wants its account back.

Bitcoin bubble floats to inevitable end
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Lost a quarter of its value in a week

It is starting to look like the Bitcoin bubble has burst and not even the UK is thinking of regulating the currency.

FBI former director calls for China cyber-strikes
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The only way to get them to stop

A former FBI director has called for cyber-strikes against China in a bid to get them stop hacking other countries.

Galaxy S10 will have six cameras
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And 5G support

While Apple has failed to provide much in the way of new technology for its flagship phones, Samsung is planning shedloads.

NAND flash up four per cent
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Third quarter Flash figures weakened by oversupply

Revenues of the global NAND flash industry increased 4.4 percent sequentially to US$17 billion in the third quarter of 2018, when the memory prices fell 10-15 percent on average.

TSMC to see record 4Q18 revenues
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All thanks to its 7nm

TSMC is expected to post record revenues for the fourth quarter of 2018 thanks mostly to the contribution coming from its 7nm processing.

Google goes green over Danish data centre
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Green Vikings are the new black

Google will invest almost $700 million in a Danish data centre powered by  green energy.

Nvidia stock dropped for the wrong reason
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Analysis: Crypto drop was inevitable

Crypto currencies are rather volatile and most people reading this are very well aware of that. The fact that it could cause Nvidia stock to drop by more than 30 percent is ridiculous as obviously, the finance community didn’t do its homework well. Long term betters on Nvidia should bet on two things, AI and Automotive, backed up by strong and stable gaming.

Turing RT cores are made for AI
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Great that they can do Ray Tracing

Graphics experts very close to what's happening have shared an interesting thesis that helped Nvidia justify the transistors spent in Turing RT cores. It is all about AI and the next generation data workloads.

Shutting the open sauce bottle
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Only helping the big guys

While open source software has revolutionised the enterprise software world, a few people are starting to wonder if its very nature will survive the age of the cloud.