BMW screws up on software front
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It's easily done

German car giant BMW admitted today that it is going to have to recall 18,000 cars because of a software SNAFU.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro sells out. Like hotcakes
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Over 300k units in less than three minutes

It appears that Xiaomi's Redmi Note 5 Pro is quite an interesting smartphone as the company managed to sell over 300k units in less than three minutes on its first flash sale of the smartphone.

Samsung will not revive OLED TVs
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But...but Apple said it would be the next big thing

Despite a fundamentalist belief among the Tame Apple Press that OLED would be the next big thing, Samsung says that it will not be looking at OLED TVs and it is slashing its production of smaller screen OLEDs because Apple was not selling enough iPhone Xs to make it worthwhile.

Steve Jobs holy relics go on sale
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Old job letters more expensive than an iPhone X

Now that the Apple founder Steve Jobs is dead, there is a move to set up a cult of his dead relics and they are just ridiculously expensive as his products.

HP back in black
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23 February 2018

HP back in black

Figures all up

The maker of expensive printer ink which is more costly than gold reported first-quarter revenue and profit on Thursday above Wall Street estimates as it sold more personal computers and printers, helping the company raise its full-year profit forecast.

Essential PH1 Android 8.1 beta OTA arrives
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All new colors shipping  

Essential - the phone launched by Andy Ruben and a bunch of other ex-Googlers has launched three new colors and announced Oreo Android 8.1 OTA beta too.

Apple owes Ireland 13 billion euro
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Pretty much what the EU has been saying all along

The Irish government's tax man was asked by the government what he thought Apple owed the country over its dodgy tax arrangement and he agreed with the EU.

Intel failed to tell regulator about chip flaws
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Need to know only US-CERT

Chipzilla is in hot water for forgetting to tell US cybersecurity officials about the Meltdown and Spectre chip security flaws until they leaked to the public.

Intel 5G PCs ready in 2019
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Intel, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft have plans

Intel and its PC sums are already thinking about rolling out 5G-equipped PCs late in 2019.

Trump wants to ban violent computer games and films
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Will still give automatic weapons to mentally ill kids though

Strapped for an idea of stopping kids shooting up schools that do not involve some gun control, President Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump is thinking of tougher censorship rules on violent movies and computer games.