US government wants control of EU data
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US companies must hand over EU data to our spooks

The US government has become so arrogant that it thinks it can order other countries to hand over data to its spooks and has asked the highest court in the land to back it.

Hunter S. Thompson’s Apple history
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1990s advert had a cool back-story

In the 1990s, before Apple adverts were twee, the outfit attempted to get some street cred by hiring rouge hack Hunter S. Thompson for one of its commercials.

Torvalds grrs at grsecurity
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It doesn’t care if it breaks anything

Open sauce’s Mr Sweary, Linus Torvalds, has waded into security outfit grsecurity.

Skylake and Kaby Lake CPUs have broken hyper-threading
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Dark side of the hyperthreading loom 

While the war is blazing between Intel and AMD fanboys over the superiority of the latest range of chips, Debian developers have spotted some rather nasty coding in Chipzilla’s latest creations.

Toshiba names preferred bidder for memory business
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Japanese consortium with deep pockets might win

Toshiba has named a consortium made up of the Innovation Network of Japan, Bain Capital and Development Bank of Japan, as the preferred bidders for its memory business.